Blogging with the enemy

In the past I have always been a closet writer not really ever confident enough to share what I have written with anyone else. I think this stems from one high school English teacher who never had a positive thing to say about anything I had written. All of my other English teachers were more than supportive of my writing. Instead of embracing the positives over the years I have clung to the negatives even if they were proportionately lower in number.

I suppose blogging is a good way for me to get over this shyness especially before I put my real labours of love out there in the world. Blogging certainly provides an open forum for people to read and critique my work. I started my blog three days ago and have already seen the promise of a supportive community with other hopeful authors in exactly the same place as myself. I look forward to following their journeys and hopefully celebrating their successes.

Apart from my husband, my mother and one friend I have not shared the creation of my blog with anyone who actually knows me in the flesh and even they have not been given the opportunity to read it. Perhaps I fear their criticism the most. Upon discussing my blog with my very supportive friend I was surprised to find that they were not as supportive as I might have thought. Why? Well because they are concerned that I will share my book ideas with fellow bloggers and that they might go and steal them.

I adore this friend but I have to say this is a risk I am willing to take. I have read other people’s blogs where they share their characters, rough plot outlines and even samples of some of their chapters. I found some of these very intriguing and in some cases I can’t wait for them to get published so that I can read their books but I have no desire to go and steal their work. I have too many ideas buzzing around in my head. So here I remain very excited and still blogging with the enemy.


About Billie Jo Schinnerer

Born and raised on the edge of the Helderberg Escarpment in eastern New York. Formerly a primary and middle school teacher. Moved to the North West area of England in 2003. Now a mother of three and a wannabe author.
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5 Responses to Blogging with the enemy

  1. Sonia M. says:

    Welcome to blogging! Blogging can be such a wonderful way to hone writing skills, learn new skills, meet other writers, and build a platform for your writing career. Good for you!

    It is scary stepping out there. I have family members who do not precisely support this whole “writing thing.” If I were a surgeon, or a lawyer, or even a “you want fries with that” gal, I’d have more respect in their eyes. Oh well. The best policy there is to NOT share your writing with those folk. At least not until you have enough confidence to ignore their snarky remarks. I mean it. Don’t share with dream-killers. Now you can and should share away with the supportive folk. Hopefully you have more supportive family and friends than unsupportive ones.

    I highly recommend Kristen Lamb’s blog (here at wordpress) and her book We Are Not Alone. She has excellent advice on blogging and building a writing career with social media. I love her stuff.

    Another thing which can help is to join writing challenges. Cafe Muravyets (also here at wordpress) usually has a 50-word story challenge. There’s another every week at Be Kind Rewrite. I’ve started hosting my own writing challenges monthly too. If you have trouble finding any of these blogs, I have links at my blog on my blogroll…since I haven’t figured out how to cleanly put links in a comment yet.

    Writing challenges (especially the flash fiction) give you the chance to share your work in a casual, fun way. Plus, you get so see what other writers do with the same material. It’s amazing how each writer can take the same prompt and create something totally new. And, you learn and hone a lot of writing skills.

    Happy writing to you!

  2. usaukwoods says:

    I understand what you mean about not sharing this with dream killers. I think I will keep it my secret for a little while longer!

    Thank you for the blog suggestions. The challenges especially sound like a bit of fun! I will certainly check them out even if I just lurk for awhile before I join in.

    I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

    Best wishes!

  3. I know that I’m a little paranoid about people stealing my ideas, but that comes a little from not getting credit for them when I suggest stuff at my day job. But I think most writers who start blogs are in the same position as you, where they have so many ideas already that they don’t know which ones to work on first, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much. I think most people who follow your blog will just be happy to share your joy in your future successes, and hope that you’ll share the joy in theirs.

    I agree, Kristen Lamb’s blog is a good one to follow. 🙂

    • usaukwoods says:

      It is hard when people don’t validate and give credit to your ideas. I think people sometimes can be too competitive within the work place. It is a shame because it can hinder creative growth.

      I found Star Crossed on Amazon today. I am going to check and see if they have it at the local book store in town on Monday before I order it. I saw a lot of other people gave it a good review too.

      I went and checked out Kristen Lamb’s blog and ended up subscribing to it. She seems to have a fantastic sense of humour and vast knowledge of the dilemmas facing writers today.

    • Sonia M. says:

      As far as I know, anything that you write (as long as it’s your original work) is protected by copyright. You can make a copyright statement on your blog to deter people from “borrowing” your work.

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