Ken Broad is Thursday’s Featured Writer on Out of the Woods

Sometimes we read blogs and engage with bloggers that touch us in a deeply emotional way. They make us feel something real whether it be sorrow or even fear. Whenever I visit the Fictional Campfire, I never know exactly what I might find there because it is a truly versitile blog to visit but most of the time its writer Ken Broad is one of those bloggers that makes me smile. So it was no surprise that when I asked him if I could feature him as a guest on my blog he presented me with the piece below:

“Out of the Woods” on BBC Two

“Hello and welcome back to ‘Out of the Woods’. I’m your host Billie Jo and joining us here today is the new blogging sensation Ken Broad.”(Crowd cheering, clapping, whistling. Man walks on stage and joins Billie Jo sitting in large comfortable chairs on stage) “Welcome Ken!”

“Thank you very much Billie Jo. I really have to say that I’m just thrilled to be here.”

“So Ken, lets talk about the last few months. Did you ever expect to be received so well?”

“Billie, the answer to that is no. Never in my wildest dreams did I figure that things would go like this. Here I was, just sorta puttering around out there in cyberspace writing little stories. Then next thing you know, I’m starting to get comments, and a few brave souls even subscribed. It still kinda freaks me out.” (Turns to audience and waves) ” I have to say you guys are the best! Thank you for all your support.”

(More clapping from the crowd)

“Your from Canada right?”

“Yep, born and raised there. Currently I live just outside of Toronto.”

“You up to sharing just how old you are?”

“Well lets just say I’m the other side of 40 and leave it there. I will say this though. Regardless of the age of my outside, there’s a 12-year-old kid trapped inside who loves to make up stories”

“But you aren’t a full-time writer are you?”

“Wow, you really did your research didn’t you. As much as I would love to this full-time, life makes demands. I also drive a school bus. It’s a great job, and it gives me lots of time to think about story ideas. People often talk about what their muse sounds like. Mine sounds like a bus full of children”

“So how often do you get to write and where?”

“I manage to get a couple of hours writing in each day. Currently I average about 3 short stories a week. As for where. Pretty much anywhere that I can find a computer. I tend to use the computers in the public libraries during the day because I can get the school bus parked there. At home its the desktop computer. I’ve tried to use pen and paper but I find that I struggle to get all my ideas expressed. Its like the words disappear somewhere between my brain and the paper. Writing on the computer lets me bang out an idea quickly, then refine it later on.”

“What would you describe as your usual style or genre?”

Actually I describe my style as more unusual. I’m still starting out as a writer, so I’m trying many different genres out. I can say that I have surprised myself when it comes to the darker themes and love stories. I really didn’t think that I had the skill for those subjects inside me. What I do like to do is present my own quirky take on the world in my stories. That and pulling a quick change at the end. I really enjoy leading a reader in one direction then switching course quickly. I like to see if I can surprise the readers.”

“What about other writers that have influenced you?”

“You mean besides you? (laughter, Billie Jo blushes) Actually that’s a very hard question since I read so much. I would have to say Jeff Shaara, Douglas Adams, and J K Rowling. Being a history fan I really enjoy how Jeff Shaara brings historical figures to life. One day I hope to be able write a historic fiction piece and he will be my benchmark . Douglas Adams is just plain brilliant. I love his humour and ability to look at the world from a different prospective. As for J K Rowling, beside writing a book for children that any age group would feel comfortable picking up and making reading cool again, she is also proof that if there is a story in your heart you should tell it!”

“You have your blog. What about getting a book published. Do you like a more traditional route, or are you a do it yourself guy?”

“I have to be honest and say I don’t really know. Get ready for a shocker Billie Jo. I don’t actually have a WIP! (gasps from audience) Maybe one day that might change, but for now I’m just having fun. Still I think that the coming years will be that of change for writers! Things such as e-books are starting to change the marketplace. It should be interesting to see how it all plays out.”

(Billie Jo puts her hand up to her ear piece)

“Wait a minute; I’m getting something from my producer. It’s just been announced that you have been chosen to receive the ‘Blogitzer Prize” for flash fiction! Wow, congratulations on that award. You heard it here it first on ‘Out of the Woods’. (clapping, more cheering) Wait, I’m getting something else. It seems that Elton John has been watching this evening, and he is now inviting you round to his place for fabulous party in your honour. Oh my, I really don’t believe this is happening live! Bono is on the line too. He was also tuned in, and he is offering for you to join him on tour. Ok, now this is totally unbelievable. Princess Kate has arrived back stage and wants to come out!”

“Wow, this is like a dream come true!”

“Well Ken, I just have to add…merow?”

“Pardon Billie Jo, what did you just say?”


“Did you just merow?”



I open my eyes to find that I’ve fallen asleep at the computer yet again. Very gently the cat is pawing at my nose, no doubt looking something to eat. It is after all the morning!

Sitting up, I rub the key shaped indentations in my forehead and try to recall just what I had doing last night on the computer. Propping my glasses on my nose, I see the email from Billie Jo again. Ah yes! She would like me to do a guest post!

(But all kidding aside, it has been a real honour to be asked to cover for one of the days that Billie Jo will be away for. Billie has been a great support and inspiration to me as I navigate these new waters. I feel that had I not come into contact with her and this wonderful place called “Out of the Woods”, I may not have had the courage to try writing for someone else’s Blog. I hope that I live up to the trust she put in me. Thanks Billie and I hope you have a good time away – Ken)


About Billie Jo Schinnerer

Born and raised on the edge of the Helderberg Escarpment in eastern New York. Formerly a primary and middle school teacher. Moved to the North West area of England in 2003. Now a mother of three and a wannabe author.
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14 Responses to Ken Broad is Thursday’s Featured Writer on Out of the Woods





  2. Jody Moller says:

    Fabulous Ken, as always. Highly entertaining. You always manage to make me laugh!

  3. Selena Wolff says:

    Dude, you are the bomb. I love your writing voice and when you do create a WIP, I’ll be one of the first in line to cheer you on and buy it!

    • KenBroad says:


      Thanks for saying that, and also for all the support. If I ever do manage to get something written, you can have a copy! Was having one of those days today. Thanks for the smile! You timing as usual, was perfect.

  4. Kaitee says:

    Love it! And I do love a quick change in a story too! Looking forward to reading more of your work 🙂

    • KenBroad says:


      Thanks for reading it (I can’t actually say dropping by since this Billie’s place!) and for the nice words! BTW, I plan to stop by your blog too!

  5. 3 stories a week! Wow!
    Love this one. Very funny.
    Merow… =)

  6. Awesome, Ken! And writing should be fun. Yeah, there are parts of it that are work (hard, hard work), but it should always be a labor of love. You are so creative. Love the interview/story. 3 stories/week is pretty durn cool! Now that I’m back into my MIP, I’m having a much harder time coming up with flash fiction and short stories. I think my brain is in novel zone now. 😀

    • KenBroad says:


      Very glad you liked it. I’m still not sure what a class clown like myself is doing with this group of talented writers, but I truly honoured by it! Thank you!

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