A Dance with the Devil

A Dance with the Devil

One day, my father called all of his children to his table for a celebration of our accomplishments. He sat on his throne at the head of the table and called us one by one, from eldest to youngest, to report on our development.

Michael, impressed father with tales of his most recent heroic deeds, and managed to convince him of his humility.

Gabriel, still slightly gender confused, tactfully reported on her new diplomatic relations job, father was clearly pleased at what a fine messenger she had become.

Raphael discussed his progress in the healing arts, I couldn’t help but think, all those years of med school and he only practiced alternative medicine but father did seem pleased.

Uriel imparted his general, yet boring, wisdom, he has always been a bit of a know it all and aspired to be a professional student but father nodded approvingly as he spoke.

Raguel talked of ways to encourage more justice in the world and backed his theories with quotes from texts he memorized during his many years of legal studies, father liked his ideas.

Remi engaged father in a discussion about divinity and faith. Since we all knew father was divine, her words fell on very pleased ears.

Viper spoke of his current purchases made possible by his vast riches, acquired in less than honourable ways, father did not look impressed.

At first Asmodeus seemed to make father happy as he was working hard to beat his sex addiction but when he let it slip that he was  growing impatient because he had a girl waiting for him in the next room father’s brows narrowed.

Poor Bee clearly was back on the bottle again and obviously hadn’t showered in some time, she could barely speak and father silenced her at once.

Levi moaned about everyone else’s successes but as usual the only energy he put into bettering himself involved violent outbursts in an attempt to invoke fear in others, he was the ultimate bully and not one of father’s proudest creations.

Bell appeared as lovely as ever and her wedding plans were in full swing, if only her poor husband knew she were seducing him so she would never have to work a day in her life, father nodded uninterested as she spoke.

My inferior twin, whom often does things and then places the blame on me, went next. His speech was a slippery one aimed at making the others feel unrest without realising why. He was a master at foolery and came across as an angel. Father seemed indifferent.

Then finally it was my turn. My father’s image of me was one of perfection. I knew he deemed me as the most beautiful, most graceful, most creative as well as the cleverest of all of my siblings. I swiftly reached a level of superiority in the family. My father looked upon me with pride and as he did, I saw myself in the reflection of his eye and I too was pleased.

I wore my crimson robe that day, it looked so striking against my pale skin and fair hair. Father looked upon me again and smiled, “My lovely Luci what do you have to share with me today?”

“Well father, I have been thinking that change is needed around here. Since the others are so busy with their own pursuits and you are getting older, perhaps it is time I take on some of your creation duties. I mean let’s face it, creatures such as Adam and Eve are a little boring and could use just a little more oomph.”

My father flashed me a look he usually reserved for some of the others. Then the look turned to anger but only for a fleeting moment before an idea clearly set in. “I appreciate your contestable opinions Luci but I think we are going to continue to do things my way. You are right though there will be some changes around here. Viper, Asmodeus,  Bee, Levi and Bell, there is no room for greed, lust, gluttony, wrath or laziness at my table. I am enlisting some tough love techniques and casting you out of my home and you will fall to the world below and remain there until I judge you again. It will be a place that is fit for princes and princesses just like you. My dear sweet Luci your pride is your biggest downfall but you will still be most useful. You will watch the gate in the other world and ensure nobody sent there escapes. As for you Satan, I had great hopes for you and your twin but you always try to deceive and cause others to lose faith in me, you will be banished and shall share Luci’s duties.”

I was surprised by my father’s words but pride would not let it show nor would it allow me to plead my case to stay. Father’s party took on a different tone. And as I danced with my brother Satan it was clear he was devising a cunning plan.

Uneasiness crept over me as we left the party and the world we knew behind and descended. Michael was tasked with leading us to the nether world. I was paired up with my twin for the journey. Just as we neared the gates to our new world known as hell, Satan broke free.

Father angered by his blatant disobedience removed his ability to pass through the gates to either world causing him to be stuck between the darker world and the lighter one. Satan seemed to enjoy this position in the world, he was forever encouraging humans to turn away from father. Father sent mystical beings and mortals alike to stop Satan from doing any damage on Earth, often times their work had some effect but not enough to stop him for good. Heartbroken and angry, Father, finally stripped Satan of his given name and he ever after became known as The Devil.


I had originally started writing this story for Sonia G Medeiros’ June Writing Challenge because she challenged us to write a story with a mythical or fairy tale creature in it but it has gone to 1000 words instead of her 500 word limit. Since we will be partying on twitter for the launch of James Rollins new book The Devil Colony, I decided it was perfect timing to post it because it goes with the devil theme.

If you want to take part in the party use the #DevilColony hashtag over on twitter and enjoy the fun!

By the way in my house the devil wears spots. 


About Billie Jo Schinnerer

Born and raised on the edge of the Helderberg Escarpment in eastern New York. Formerly a teacher. Moved to the North West area of England in 2003. Now a mother of three who doesn’t really know what she wants to be when she grows up.
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8 Responses to A Dance with the Devil

  1. Jody Moller says:

    Love, love, love it! I am in the process of outlining my new book about a female Demon who falls for a human. My version of the creation of Heaven and Hell is somewhat different to that of the bible (In the beginning their was only Elathial!). I love reworking myth it’s so much fun!

    • Thanks Jody! Good luck with the new book, it certainly sounds fabulous already, I hope to get to read it someday. I am so glad you liked this story and yes, it was truly great fun to write.

  2. Selena says:

    This is absolutely wonderful! Really enjoyed it, Billie Jo.

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  4. Love it! Definitely a fascinating twist on The Fall! Love Luci’s voice too. And the pic is gorgeous.

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