Is there anybody out there?

This piece has been written for the July challenge Moonstruck issued by Sonia G Medeiros and the InMon prompt by BeKindRewrite.

Is there anybody out there? 

Luna lay on her bed. A tear ran down her cheek, the thought of beautiful Ravi was too much for her to take. The hollow, aching, empty feeling welled up inside of her again. She pulled the covers up over her head to block out the light. It had been a particularly hard night shift and it left her feeling even more vulnerable. Ravi had been her best friend. He supported her in everything she did. She didn’t have to have secrets from Ravi because he accepted her for who she was. The only two problems were that she had never actually met him and she sensed he lived in one part of the world but fate had brought her to dwell in another. Luna longed for a time when the two could finally be together.

Ravi stretched before getting out of bed. It was time he made his way to work. He had a million things on his mind. His job was super stressful. He could tell from his dream that Luna was feeling sad. He wished he could somehow cheer her up but had no idea how. He longed for Luna and her dark and mysterious features. She was the only girl that he felt he could truly love. The only problem was she didn’t really exist. She was just part of his dream world.

Luna finally had a night off work. Her roommates had convinced her to go out for some drinks. Luna tried to make excuses but they did not listen to them. In the end she gave in. Dressed in a metallic silver dress, Luna checked her long dark hair was in place before leaving her apartment and hailing a cab.

Ravi hated working late but he had to lull his clients into some sort of sense of confidence in his abilities so he agreed to meet them for drinks. He undid his top button and ran his fingers through his golden hair before the elevator door opened. He stepped out and a false smile crept across his face as he entered the crowded room.

Luna and her roommates stood at the bar with their freshly served cocktails in their hands. It was an upscale type place in a new hotel in her town. She knew they would start out there but would end up at some dive with cheaper drinks nearer to their flat by the end of the night. She sipped hers but the other two were out to get drunk as fast as possible.

Ravi had enough of the racist jokes coming out of his client’s mouth. He didn’t need the work that bad, so he excused himself and headed towards the elevator. As he stepped in the light flickered just enough to notice. He rolled his eyes and pushed the button as the doors slowly shut.

Luna had enough of the drinking and being groped. She left her roommates behind and darted outside to catch a cab at the stand across from the bar. She saw a flash of light coming slowly towards her and she put her arm out to hail the vehicle.

Ravi could hear the voices and flickering of lights above him but he drifted further away from them.

Luna heard the sirens and wondered who was in the accident. She was glad she wasn’t working tonight it sounded like a bad one. She floated back to sleep.

Ravi opened his eyes there was a blinding brightness all around him. He had not remembered going home or going to bed. He hadn’t thought he had drank that much. As he focused on the room, he realised he wasn’t home.

Luna woke to find nothing but darkness. She felt cold and unsure of her whereabouts. It did not feel like home. In the corner there was a bright light. It began to reflect off Luna’s dress.

Through the light Ravi could see a silvery figure approaching him. He rubbed his eyes and tried to focus. He thought he must have been sleeping because in front of him was Luna.

Luna went into shock at the sight of Ravi. She dropped to the ground and stared at his magnificent appearance before her. He seemed to radiate light.

The two rushed to each other and fell into a loving embrace. They were not strangers after all. They had known each other for all of their lives. The happy couple was soon interrupted by a presence they both immediately recognised. They remembered, Mother All had been their creator and had sent them to earth as mortals. An earth life is like a blink in the eternal world and neither had been gone for more than a moment. Now that they were back where they belonged they realised they were to return to their rightful places in the sky. One longer embrace, a wave of Mother All’s arm and they were once again the sun and the moon. The couple happily got to see each other twice an earth year and never complained about their lack of time together again. Mother All’s lesson had worked.



About Billie Jo Schinnerer

Born and raised on the edge of the Helderberg Escarpment in eastern New York. Formerly a primary and middle school teacher. Moved to the North West area of England in 2003. Now a mother of three and a wannabe author.
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29 Responses to Is there anybody out there?

  1. I love the concept. Were you inspired by the art?

    • Oddly enough, I went looking for the art after the story was written and it fit perfectly with what I was imagining their embrace would look like. It is truly stunning, I think.

  2. Beautiful! I love how their points of view were woven together, getting more and more intense until they met again. And the art is gorgeous!

  3. I was rivetted, then blindsided, and all around pleased. Love it!

  4. billie jo, you outdid yourself on this one. i could almost picture an old man sitting on a log, wrapped in rough sewn hides, with shells and brightly colored clay beads woven in his hair as he leans forward as the story gains in intensity, drawing his listeners, all of whom surround him and the small bonfire, in with flawless ease as they sit, eyes focused unwaveringly on him, as he weaves his word magic.

    absolutely fantastic. i would have give it four more likes if i could have! but since i couldn’t, here are the stars i wish i could have given you….**************************************************!

    great job!


  5. Selena says:

    Absolutely love it, Billie Jo. Brava!

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  7. This is a great read, Billie Jo. I just love the POV changes and I was rooting for both of them. I agree with other comments that the picture is a total match – in fact, an enhancement.

    Great writing. Thank you!

  8. Mike says:

    A great read Billie Jo.
    I loved the way you so effortlessly moved between the two characters.

    • Thanks for dropping by and reading it Mike. I am glad you liked it. I wanted to do a bit more POV changes with a novel that I am working on but was not sure how it would work out so I guess in a way I was experimenting within the safety of the short story world.

  9. knot2share says:

    Been a while since I read a few stories here…I absolutely loved this one from you. Beautiful!

  10. pattisj says:

    What an interesting journey you took us on. I love the surprise ending!

  11. This is now my favorite of your flash fiction! I just loved it and didn’t want it to end. And the art fit the story perfectly. Beautiful.

  12. pink woods says:

    Wow, I’m reading the links from July Writing Challenge: Moon, and I’ve noticed one common theme besides the moon… a beautiful magical love story!! And yours is a wonderful story. I even felt that this seems like to be the continuation I had in mind for the moon story entry that I’d finished! Mine has something to do with the Sun and Moon, though I didn’t develop further the love story since it wasn’t really my focus.

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  14. Pia says:

    Love the twist at the end. Definitely didn’t see that one coming, especially because I was still thinking about dreams – great diversion you threw in there at the beginning.

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