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Writing a novel via the musical approach…

Once upon a time I was the only female member in a rock band which had a very menacing sounding name. The boys often found themselves saying “she’s not with any of us” to their adoring female fans and the name … Continue reading

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Faking Talent

Practice makes perfect. But does it? I adore singing. I have been doing it for probably as long as I have been able to talk. When I was in primary school, I joined the school choir along with almost everyone … Continue reading

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Thanks for the memories and lessons mom!

Memories are wonderful things especially those laced with the senses. A trip to the toy store still smells like McDonald’s fries to me because often a trip to McDonald’s preceded a trip to the toy store. Many memories of growing … Continue reading

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Synopsis Writing… ugh!!!

So tonight is the night I have put aside to do something I have dreaded for a very, very, very long time. I am working on my novel’s synopsis and boy is it really hard. You would think after writing … Continue reading

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