Being Writer Born on June 25th

Today is my birthday and although I share it with a few people I know personally, I had a look to see who I share it with that also shares/shared the same passion for writing as I do. My discovery was that many writers were born on this day but many of them are ones I am not familiar with. The following are the ones that I am or at least knew of their work:

Frigyes Karinthy (1887) – I admit to never having read any of his novellas but his short story Chains launched the concept of six degrees of separation which has always fascinated me.

Eric Arthur Blair better known as George Orwell (1903) – His novel Nineteen Eighty-Four was one of the first truly dystopian novels I read. Animal Farm was required reading one year and I read it several times over after that. He is one of those authors that I found inspiration from.

Nicholas Mosley (1923) – I admit to not knowing him by name despite him having several published titles. As I scanned through his credits I realised I had read one of his novels entitled Children of Darkness and Light which was an interesting look at religion and politics.

Eric Carle (1929) – So many beautiful works by this author and illustrator. My favourites include The Very Hungary Caterpillar, The Mixed Up Chameleon, The Very Lonely Firefly, The Very Busy Spider… and many, many, many more!

Philip Nicholson (1940) took the pen name A. J. Quinnell when his novel Man on Fire was in the process of being published to keep him identity a secret. He shares J.K. Rowlings agent. His novel has been made into a movie twice. I have seen the 2004 film but have never read any of the novels.

What about you? Do you share your birthday with any famous writers?


About Billie Jo Schinnerer

Born and raised on the edge of the Helderberg Escarpment in eastern New York. Formerly a primary and middle school teacher. Moved to the North West area of England in 2003. Now a mother of three and a wannabe author.
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14 Responses to Being Writer Born on June 25th

  1. Happy Birthday, Billie Jo!!

  2. Happy birthday, Billie Jo, and what a fun list! We love Eric Carle in our house. And I never realized George Orwell was a pen name. I share my birthday with one of my favorite authors, Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

    • When my daughter was born I went a little over the top with Eric Carle prints, books and even clothing for her but I am still a huge fan. I think it is neat to find someone who is born on the same day as you that you admire.

  3. pattisj says:

    Happy birthday! I have never thought to check to see who might share my birthday.

  4. Happy belated Birthday! 1984 is an amazing book, as is Animal Farm, although I haven’t read it since I was in school. Should probably go back and look at it again.

  5. nyparrot says:

    Happy belated B’Day!

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