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A Dog’s Life – Featuring Chris Otto

My dream of writing books started when I was only young. Those of you that have followed my blog for a while might also remember one of my favourite places to write when I was young was on a flat … Continue reading

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Writing a novel via the musical approach…

Once upon a time I was the only female member in a rock band which had a very menacing sounding name. The boys often found themselves saying “she’s not with any of us” to their adoring female fans and the name … Continue reading

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What if I don’t have a book trailer?

Book trailers are a popular new way to promote both published and unpublished books. They usually are about 1-3 minutes in length and look just like those movie trailers we have watched for years but are to promote a book … Continue reading

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A Serious Case of Writer’s Flow

We have all heard of writer’s block. He is that little demon that swoops in and flirts with your muse for a bit. While he is keeping her distracted you grow increasingly worried that she will turn her back on … Continue reading

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