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The Novel Virgin and One Novel Wonders

Two thoughts have recently sprung to mind on the subject of novel-writing and publishing. I figured I would share them with you and perhaps get your insight into them. The first thing that has tumbled around in my head for quite … Continue reading

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What if I don’t have a book trailer?

Book trailers are a popular new way to promote both published and unpublished books. They usually are about 1-3 minutes in length and look just like those movie trailers we have watched for years but are to promote a book … Continue reading

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What if size does matter?

Most literary agents, publishers and veteran authors hand out the following advice to newbie writers: – Don’t get hung up on word count just write a complete story. But at the moment is this really the best advice? There is … Continue reading

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What if you could ask an author a question while reading their book?

Every so often while reading a book I come across a part of it that I want to know more about. Sometimes, I want to know where the author got their inspiration. Sometimes, I just don’t understand what is going … Continue reading

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Selena Wolff is Tuesday’s Featured Writer on Out of the Woods

One of the first bloggers I encountered when I started my blog was a fantastic writer by the name of Selena Wolff. Although Selena has a gift for writing almost anything, she really does tell a good spooky story that captures the reader’s attention right … Continue reading

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The Curse of Immortality

It is a Thursday and it is my set editing day to work on my completed novel. I intended to do another post about editing but I was inspired by yet another Inspiration Monday flash fiction prompt. So this post features … Continue reading

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Writer or Author?

I have always wanted to be a writer because I am a writer at heart and have been since I was about six years old. I love words. I love combining them to make new sentences. I love looking at … Continue reading

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