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In the beginning there were no words

Today I sat at a cafe. My youngest daughter a mere infant waved her hand and grunted at me. I had failed to feed her the next bite of food fast enough and she was letting me know. I began … Continue reading

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The Dialogue Tag Debate

I am still editing the novel and of course part of that includes looking at the dialogue. When I write my first draft, I do not tend to put in many dialogue tags. I get in the writing flow and … Continue reading

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A Fun Game In Your Head – Part 1

About a month ago Ozlem Yikici came up with a theory about writing and posted a challenge on her page. I agreed to take part in this challenge to see if it confirmed her theory. Here was the first challenge: … Continue reading

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Sorry – My Entry Into an April Writing Challenge

Sonia M. posted this April writing challenge asking writers to write a story using only dialogue, no descriptors and no speech tags. You can get to her blog via my blogroll at the right. At first I was tempted to … Continue reading

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