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Thanks for the memories and lessons mom!

Memories are wonderful things especially those laced with the senses. A trip to the toy store still smells like McDonald’s fries to me because often a trip to McDonald’s preceded a trip to the toy store. Many memories of growing … Continue reading

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What if it is all in the genes?

Back while I was in university studying to be a teacher my minor concentration was psychology, in particular child development and behaviour. I poured over the texts and listened to the reasoning behind both the nature and nurture debate. At … Continue reading

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Where did I come from? Flash Fiction Challenge

Thanks to everyone who sent messages of support over the past week. My father in law is home now and taking it easy. Hopefully once we get my mother in law’s treatments done with, everyone will be on the mend … Continue reading

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How my dad accidentally inspired me to become a writer.

My favourite ever poem was given to me by my dad quite a few years ago now. It was done in a beautiful paper cutting style and framed. It hangs on the wall in my bedroom to this day even … Continue reading

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