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What if there was no such thing as imagination?

As a child I was often described as having ‘an active imagination’. I am sure many of you reading this shared a similar label. It was both a blessing and a curse. Often times my active imagination kept me awake … Continue reading

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Dreams – A Creation Vision

For the month of August, I challenged writer’s to write a creation story. I have never participated in one of my own challenges but I have recently been working on a creation story for the lytes who live in my … Continue reading

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The Importance of Foraging

Foraging for facts otherwise known as researching is vital to writing a good novel. I like to use the term foraging because when I do research I always feel as though I am feeding my mind. That way even if … Continue reading

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The Bridges of Fantasy County

A big thank you to Ken Broad’s Picture This and Indigo Spider’s Sunday Picture Press for their fantastic pictures and prompts which inspired this piece and although I did a story for Sonia G Medeiros’s August challenge already, oddly this … Continue reading

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Embracing My Style

Style…Have You Got It? was a recent post by Cynthia Robertson. The post was prompted by a fun tool that is meant to analyse your writing style and then produce the name of an author your writing most closely matches. I … Continue reading

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Kaitee – Wednesday’s Featured Writer on Out of the Woods

Part of the reason I wanted to start a blog was to connect with other writers who were in a similar situation to myself. The first week of blogging I found Kaitee’s blog called Kaitee Squiggle. She too is on a journey … Continue reading

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How do you choose which point of view to use?

Lately, I have read and thought a lot about point of view. I have read that most fantasy novels are written in the third person point of view and most romance novels are written in the first person point of … Continue reading

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