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Sledgehammer please, I need to smash this block.

Those of you that had followed my blog for a long time know that writer’s block is something I had suffered with very little in the past. I hit the typical mid novel wall or struggled to find the perfect … Continue reading

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Leaving camp NaNoWriMo and heading back to reality

I did it! I managed to get just over the 50K mark on my work in progress in just one month. It has been a good boost for me and I hope to be able to get the next 50K … Continue reading

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Synopsis Writing… ugh!!!

So tonight is the night I have put aside to do something I have dreaded for a very, very, very long time. I am working on my novel’s synopsis and boy is it really hard. You would think after writing … Continue reading

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Lucky Sevens Sneak Preview

I have been tagged by a few twitter and blogging buddies to play a little game. The rules are as follows: 1. Go to your work in progress. 2. Find page 77. 3. Go to the 7th line . 4. Copy … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday InMon

The deadly paper is a society created plague. Desire to know all, blinded to truth, results in consequence. Trees shedding their life now fighting back. Poisoned ink dealing its swift blows. Deafening headlines bursting eardrums as unspoken words imprint the … Continue reading

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Please pass the tissues emotional writing happening here.

Nearly a year ago I sat down to watch an episode of Being Human the UK version. I had watched all the previous series and episodes. I fell in love with my favourite vampire, John Mitchell, who was one of … Continue reading

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What if our fantasy creatures were real?

As a fantasy/sci-fi writer I spend a great deal of time focusing on another world and conjuring up the lives of humanoid creatures. I read blogs daily where other people spend their time in a similar fashion but with fairies, ghosts, shape-shifters, … Continue reading

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A Fun Game In Your Head – Part 1

About a month ago Ozlem Yikici came up with a theory about writing and posted a challenge on her page. I agreed to take part in this challenge to see if it confirmed her theory. Here was the first challenge: … Continue reading

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October already?

This week has been fabulous for me. I participated in voice week and have to say that the quality of writing produced by the other writers was amazing. It was a fabulous experience for me and I am so glad … Continue reading

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Voice Week – The Crime – Part 5

This is the fifth and final piece written for voice week. Each of the pieces was based on the same prompt but told using a different character’s voice. This has been an amazing experience for me. I enjoyed writing the pieces … Continue reading

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