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The Importance of Foraging

Foraging for facts otherwise known as researching is vital to writing a good novel. I like to use the term foraging because when I do research I always feel as though I am feeding my mind. That way even if … Continue reading

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Haley Whitehall – Friday’s Featured Writer on Out of the Woods

I confess, I am a closet history geek. Perhaps it was all the auctions, antique shops and flea markets my parents would drag me to while I was growing up or my early obsession with Laura Ingalls Wilder, either way I have always … Continue reading

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Journey by Train

This is my first ever attempt at writing historical fiction. It is only 1000 words but it took me a few days of researching and rewriting to get it to this point. I chose to do something set in Britain … Continue reading

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The Genre Chooses the Writer

Haley Whitehall usually writes historical fiction. She has lately been working on writing fantasy. As a result she has posted a challenge for writers to try to write in a different genre to what they normally would. You can read … Continue reading

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