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NaNoWriMo No No List

As a twice winner of NaNoWriMo you would think that I would be getting better at this writing 50K words in a month thing. Okay, so it was me who thought I was getting good at it. Turns out this time … Continue reading

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Leaving camp NaNoWriMo and heading back to reality

I did it! I managed to get just over the 50K mark on my work in progress in just one month. It has been a good boost for me and I hope to be able to get the next 50K … Continue reading

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What if our fantasy creatures were real?

As a fantasy/sci-fi writer I spend a great deal of time focusing on another world and conjuring up the lives of humanoid creatures. I read blogs daily where other people spend their time in a similar fashion but with fairies, ghosts, shape-shifters, … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo Update 1

So as most of you know NaNoWriMo has kicked off. This year is my first year participating so I have no bench mark to compare the process to. For the month of October I researched and outlined three ideas that I have … Continue reading

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