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Are electronic books real books?

I just read an article where Stephen King says that in June his new book Joyland will be released in paper version only. The article stated that even though King was one of the forerunners in the electronic publishing format … Continue reading

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Fearsome Friday – Technophobia

Technophobia is a phobia that has been around as long as technology has. Cavemen probably feared the new technology of prising up a rock using a stick as a lever. It is human nature to fear the new and unknown … Continue reading

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Selena Wolff is Tuesday’s Featured Writer on Out of the Woods

One of the first bloggers I encountered when I started my blog was a fantastic writer by the name of Selena Wolff. Although Selena has a gift for writing almost anything, she really does tell a good spooky story that captures the reader’s attention right … Continue reading

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