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American words – what are those?

Before I moved to England I thought British people and American people spoke the same general way just in different accents. Before then I knew the British used the word fags for cigarettes. That was a lesson I learned after … Continue reading

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Uncategorized Me

I have been working on writing a query letter to send out to literary agents this week. One of the hardest part for me is categorizing my novel. I realized this is not as easy to do as I once … Continue reading

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What if the Mayflower never left Plymouth England?

As many Americans are preparing for their Thanksgiving feast tomorrow, I thought it appropriate to dedicate this Wednesday, What if? to the holiday. Alternative history stories are ones that peak my curiosity because they fit so nicely with my favourite question which … Continue reading

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Tornado Relief – Flash Fiction Challenge

Dan O’Shea issued a challenge to write a story with 1000 words or less, the challenging part was that it must somehow include the theme of rain. This is not just an ordinary challenge though, he is offering to pay … Continue reading

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