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Faking Talent

Practice makes perfect. But does it? I adore singing. I have been doing it for probably as long as I have been able to talk. When I was in primary school, I joined the school choir along with almost everyone … Continue reading

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Forget the Block I am plagued by Writer’s Doubt

My muse guides me through everything I write. She whispers in my ear. She tells me all about the characters. She plays out the scenes for me in my mind as if watching a film of them unfolding in front … Continue reading

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The Dialogue Tag Debate

I am still editing the novel and of course part of that includes looking at the dialogue. When I write my first draft, I do not tend to put in many dialogue tags. I get in the writing flow and … Continue reading

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A Writer’s Resolution

I have never been one to wade into the deep and murky waters of making New Year’s resolutions. I always felt that was a way of automatically setting myself up to fail. I work best when allow to float free … Continue reading

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What if our fantasy creatures were real?

As a fantasy/sci-fi writer I spend a great deal of time focusing on another world and conjuring up the lives of humanoid creatures. I read blogs daily where other people spend their time in a similar fashion but with fairies, ghosts, shape-shifters, … Continue reading

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What happened to summer?

Last week my kids went back to school which means craziness has returned to our home. We are back to dashing here and dashing there. I already miss the slower pace of summer. I have developed a heavier heart this … Continue reading

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Summer Solstice Sunday – Flash Fiction Challenge

For the past two weeks the challenge theme on my blog has been Shadows. I have had two fabulous entries to the challenge. If you haven’t had the chance already you might want to go check them out. Yikici was … Continue reading

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Kaitee – Wednesday’s Featured Writer on Out of the Woods

Part of the reason I wanted to start a blog was to connect with other writers who were in a similar situation to myself. The first week of blogging I found Kaitee’s blog called Kaitee Squiggle. She too is on a journey … Continue reading

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Out of the Woods – Featured Writers Week

This week I am in the most lovely little bit of heaven called Borth in Wales. It is relatively quiet and is not terribly overcrowded with tourists. It is absolutely stunning. It is filled with old fishing town charm and breathtaking views … Continue reading

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Fancy a challenge? Flash Fiction Monday Mashup

Hi my name is Billie Jo and I am a flash fiction addict. Seriously, I am. Since starting my blog a few months ago, I have joined in several weekly, monthly and one-off flash fiction challenges and really enjoyed doing … Continue reading

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