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What if I don’t have a book trailer?

Book trailers are a popular new way to promote both published and unpublished books. They usually are about 1-3 minutes in length and look just like those movie trailers we have watched for years but are to promote a book … Continue reading

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Writing a Novel is Like Raising a Child

1. Congratulations you are going to be a  __________! You can fill in that blank with the word parent or novelist, either one, the process is very much the same. When I first found out that I was pregnant with … Continue reading

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Getting it right from the start – novel beginnings

We all know that the most important part of writing a novel is to engage the reader because at the end of the day if they are the slightest bit bored they are either not going to buy the book … Continue reading

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The Curse of Immortality

It is a Thursday and it is my set editing day to work on my completed novel. I intended to do another post about editing but I was inspired by yet another Inspiration Monday flash fiction prompt. So this post features … Continue reading

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Read it or watch it?

Short post today: I really hate to admit it because I am not a big television watcher but one of my guilty little pleasures is watching The Vampire Diaries. I had read the original series of books back in the … Continue reading

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When is conflict is good?

When is conflict good? The answer in this case is when writing a novel. Next to writing my favourite hobby is people watching. Today I watched an elderly couple while they were doing some shopping. The gentleman was mild and … Continue reading

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