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Happy Birthday InMon

The deadly paper is a society created plague. Desire to know all, blinded to truth, results in consequence. Trees shedding their life now fighting back. Poisoned ink dealing its swift blows. Deafening headlines bursting eardrums as unspoken words imprint the … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo Update 1

So as most of you know NaNoWriMo has kicked off. This year is my first year participating so I have no bench mark to compare the process to. For the month of October I researched and outlined three ideas that I have … Continue reading

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Monday Mumblings – A Muse is a Writer’s Best Friend

When she is calm she moves about me like a gentle breeze, patiently waiting for me to notice her. If ignored she will begin to interrupt me at the most inconvenient times. She soon becomes unrelenting and forceful until there … Continue reading

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Sorry – My Entry Into an April Writing Challenge

Sonia M. posted this April writing challenge asking writers to write a story using only dialogue, no descriptors and no speech tags. You can get to her blog via my blogroll at the right. At first I was tempted to … Continue reading

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